Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my dough seems too wet or too dry? 

Just add a little warm water to dry dough, or add flour to wet dough. Also, knead knead knead! Our dough becomes softer the more it's played with! 

What are the ingredients in your play dough? 

Flour, Salt, Water, Cream of Tartar, Oil, and Glycerin. Dough may also contain food-based ingredients such as extracts, oils, spices, cocoa, etc. Some oils may be nut-based.

How should I store my dough? 

Keep your dough in an air-tight container or wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. If you use plastic bags, push out as much air as you can to help keep it soft. 

Do you sell replacement dough for our kits? 

We do! Send us an email at and let us know which type you need. 

Do you ship? 

We do not currently ship, but we hope to in the near future. 

Allergen info: Dough contains wheat and may include or come into contact with nuts and other allergens. If you have specific questions please email us:

Please note that small parts are included, and kits are not intended for children under 3. Contains wheat and may contain nut-based ingredients. Dough is not edible.  Keep out of reach of pets.

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